We are financial experts who calculate and analyze the full impact of the financial decisions in a divorce.

Divorce Process & Strategy

There are multiple ways of going through the divorce process, but ultimately it ends up with a signature from a judge on a piece of paper. Every circumstance is different, and we will strategically work with you to help you decide on the direction you would like to take.

Establish goals

The first step is to establish your goals and priorities and review the various options available to you to avoid the financial pitfalls of divorce.

There are many ways to get to that final signature on a piece of paper from the judge. What are the different options available to go through the divorce process? Here are just a few of the ways that we discuss in depth and help you make an informed decision.

A process using an independent third party to work with you and your partner to mediate a divorce settlement.

Each party will select an attorney and attempt to settle their case. If the parties cannot come to an agreement, they will proceed through litigation and trial if needed to allow a judge to settle the dispute.

You and your partner share in the decision-making of your divorce. Each party presents their position to the arbitrator and then the arbitrator makes the binding decision.

Collaborative Divorce
A team approach for a divorcing couple that includes professional experts in law, finance, mental health and possibly other fields. The attorneys for each spouse help to settle the divorce with the couple using expert opinions from the professionals.

Working with your attorney

Many clients have already decided on an attorney and may have in fact been referred to us by their attorney. Dekker Divorce Financial Consultants will organize what we need for financial documents and determine if any documents need to be requested and advise you and your attorney on any anomalies we may see. We work together as a team and have the same goals in mind.

Neutral Negotiations

If couples are willing to work together, we will meet with both of you to form a plan. Documents are then collected, and reports will be created. As these reports are created, we will work through various options and put together an agreement that both parties can agree to. We advise all clients to have all of their documents reviewed by their attorney and have their attorney prepare these documents and submit them to the courts.