We are financial experts who calculate and analyze the full impact of the financial decisions in a divorce.

Post-divorce implementation

The financials often fog your mind for the short term, and you may need help in moving the assets, creating a budget, organizing business’s, preparing taxes etc. At Dekker Divorce Financial Services, our goal is to help walk you through this process and advice you on the best options available based on the settlement you have received. We can work with you and your attorney to help with this transition. Some items that may need to be addressed are the following:

  • Retirement plans from an employer require a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO).

    • A QDRO needs to be completed by experts who are extensively trained in this area of expertise. We can recommend an expert in this area and coordinate with them in the preparation of these documents.

    • Each plan requires a separate QDRO and can be costly. Some employer’s retirement plans may have provisions that, we review in the analysis process and can save you significant dollars yet achieve the same outcome.

  • The marital home may have to be sold or one of the parties may have to refinance the mortgage. We are there to work with you on a solution to this process.

  • Opening and closing accounts investment, bank, credit card and savings accounts.

  • Setting up new entities.

  • Transferring RSU’s.

  • Setting up a Budget.

  • Ownership of property changes.

  • If a name is changed, how does it change things through this transition.

At Dekker Divorce Financial Consulting we can make this transition easier and give you guidance to make sure it is completed in the most tax efficient and effect way.