Dekker Divorce Financial Services partners with you through this difficult chapter of your life’s story.

How a divorcing couple’s finances are split, and cash flow is determined can change the course of your future dramatically. We keep up to date on the changes that are out of your control and apply those to the ones that are in your control and how they can impact your story.


At Dekker Divorce Financial Consulting we are defined by three core values which drive how we manage our practice:


Being honest with ourselves and our clients is the foundation of our firm. Not only are we committed to adhering to the compliance standards of our industry, but we take it a step further by upholding the same high ethical standards that we expect of ourselves.


Our goal is to guide our clients forward. We want them to feel comfortable approaching us in all situations, regardless of how they came to be.


Our clients trust us to “get it done.” When the professionals at Dekker Divorce Financial Consulting are given a job to do, we want our clients to know that we will follow through to the end.